Jiu-Jitsu for kids from the world famous Gracie family!

News reports have reported conclusively over the last couple of years that the threat of bullying in schools has risen dramatically. Books, articles, and even TV shows, in recent years, talk about the increase in intimidation by kids against other kids in schools throughout the world. Furthermore, when parents try to do something on their own about what's happening to their child, they are the ones who get in trouble. What are they to do? The answer could simply be to change their child from the "target" list the bully has to the "let's leave him/her alone" list. What social scientists know is why bullies pick on certain kids. The bully knows they simply cannot defend themselves. When a bully knows someone is not an easy target for intimidation the bully avoids them.


  Many parents have turned to Martial Arts like Tae Kwon Do and Karate or Kung Fu which are, known as "striking" sports. However, to practice such sports, teachers must restrict the practice to "non-contact" forms, which diminishes their effectiveness if they have to be used in the real world. Secondly, kicking and punching are much less effective when the opponent is a bigger person.


  In the last 10 to 20 years, one form of martial art has emerged above all others (including all striking sports) as the single most effective means of self-defense among ALL forms of self-defense. That art is called Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Because Jiu-Jitsu is what is called a "submission" art, it can be easily learned by the student with low risk of injury. Just as important, by its techniques, Jiu-Jitsu is specifically is designed to allow the smaller person to defend themselves against the larger person with low risk.


  Grand Master Carlos Gracie, the Grandfather of Charles Gracie, used to run an advertisement to attract the toughest men in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) to fight him. He did this specifically to test the art of self-defense his family was developing. Carlos Gracie weighed about 140 pounds and never lost fighting men who outweighed him by 50 pounds or more. Decades later his grandnephew Royce Gracie would defeat professional fighters in the UFC who outweighed him by more than that. How could this be? Because Jiu-Jitsu is real. It works!


How does Jiu-Jitsu work?

  It eliminates fear because in learning Jiu-Jitsu a student learns techniques that enable them to not only defend themselves but to overcome any opponent. Bullies can see, through the opponent's reaction to their intimidation, whether a child is a target or not. Because the child gains invaluable knowledge of how to defend themselves that look of intimidation is replaced with one of self confidence. Also, in the Jiu-Jitsu classes themselves, every student competes against much larger students and so the fear of "someone is bigger than me" becomes a non issue to them.


  As we have progressed and evolved our curriculum, we have added classes in street self defense techniques for kids as well as introduction to mixed martial arts techniques for kids. If you are concerned about your own child capacity to defend themselves, in or out of school, there is a way to solve that problem and, at the same time, dramatically enhance your child's self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.


  The benefits of adding Jiu-Jitsu to your child's life goes beyond self defense. Some parents, especially in America, seem surprised that there is no sports type "season" to Jiu-Jitsu. It's all year availability seems, at first glance, to go against their intent to provide their child with "well-rounded" and diverse activities. They also fear that too many activities will take away from homework and school. In researching this view we came upon several important things any child can experience in life is what is called "Success Spirals". This occurs when any person, especially developing minds in children, experience an activity in which real success can be frequently achieved. Success tends to build upon success. In many sports, it can be difficult for this to happen. Not every kid can hit the game winning home run. Score the game winning goal. Not every kid can even play more than a mandated time on a basketball team, let alone sink the game winning shot. They may be on a winning team but they know someone else, not them, actually won the game. This is why some school tend to give awards to everyone on the team just for showing up. Jiu-Jitsu instead offers real, tangible, and personal success as techniques are learned and executed. The opponent taps. The bully knows to leave them alone. At the same time they learn to care for the opponent, their fellow student, in the academy. This happens every day in every class. Success spirals condition the child's mind to how success for them is possible, if not inevitable. Work pays off. Make's them better. As they experience daily to weekly success it spreads to their attitude and self confidence in all other activities they do. Along with the constant improvement in physical conditioning, itself known to improve the child's sense of well being, there is nothing that compares to Jiu-Jitsu as a way for parents to insure that their child becomes physically and mentally strong, and conditioned to succeed. The perceived less time turns into a benefit as there is less time, simply stated, for Facebook and video games, as opposed to homework.


  Let the Charles Gracie Academy and the assistant instructors share their experience with your children to learn self-defense techniques, exercises, and sportsmanship through Jiu-Jitsu's fun activities. Parents notice a change in their children's confidence, increased physical coordination and concentration in all life situations.

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